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Payment Point Online Bank (PPOB) FASTPAY is business services that allow people to open online checkouts as electricity, phone, Telkom Speedy, credit cards, cable TV, Toll, Credit Multifinance, Flight and Train Tickets, etc are easy, inexpensive but still with reliable technology support and business systems flexible and profitable.
18 reasons why you should choose FASTPAY:
1). The requirements are very easy to open checkouts
2). Investment cost is very small
(without buy EDC machine or device with an expensive price)
3). The registration fee is very light
(no need to pay millions of rupiah just IDR 350 thousand you can open checkouts counters including banners, secure dongle, installation guide, etc. sent to your address)
4). Fastest process only takes max 1 day for registration and a starter kit sent directly to your location
5). The first and the only Payment Gateway that provides business choice checkouts of the most innovative form of permanent counter (PC / laptop / netbook) and counter moves (mobile GPRS)
6). Transaction security guaranteed by Secure Dongle and banking data transmission standard (ISO-8583)
7). Very complete payment services ranging telephone, electricity post-paid and pre-paid, credit purchases, credit cards, installment motorcycles, insurance, train tickets, etc.
8). Small minimum deposit is only IDR 50.000, -
9). Fees are very competitive & profitable
10). Transactions take place non-stop 24 hours a day 7 days a week
11). Facility multi terminal with 1 (one) deposit payment you can cater for 1 PC and 2 counters counter move / mobile
12). Fastpay checkouts ability to issue invoices to bill customers minimize capital to counter your deposit
13). Wide range of services
14). Select free internet connection, can use Speedy, GPRS, CDMA, radio or any ISP.
15). Deposit process is very easy and practical for use with support ticketing system the largest commercial banks (Mandiri and BCA)
16). Collective payment facilities so that you can perform hundreds of bills with just one push of a button
17). The system is user-friendly and easily operated by a layperson once
18). Customer service & support online service 7 days a week with no days off via a call center, email, SMS, YM or Gtalk

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